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VIVOBASE Car- Electromagnetic Pollution Protector |


VIVOBASE Car- Electromagnetic Pollution Protector


Protection against electromagnetic pollution in vehicles and radiation emitted by mobile phones
• In a vehicle or electric car, bus, van, caravan and a boat
• Approx. 4 m effective radius
• With cigarette lighter or USB connection
• Dimensions about 85x55x15 mm, Weight 60 g

Whether at home or on the move, VIVOBASE products: provide effective protection against electromagnetic radiation. VIVOBASE protects you from natural areas such as water channels, fault lines, natural and cosmic radiation, as well as Wifi, cordless phone, Bluetooth, GPS, switching power supply units, monitors and other artificially produced areas.
VIVOBASE GmbH is a Rilling Group company. German expertise in engineering combined with decades of medical experience. Thus, our devices for protecting electromagnetic radiation were born. VIVOBAS to; It combines the research, development and production of effective devices to protect against electromagnetic radiation. We would like to point out that our VIVOBASE products offer high efficiency 'electrotechnical' solutions, not classic 'esoteric' solutions. As a family business, customer value and customer satisfaction is our top priority.
Quality -German Good- is our reference point in producing our VIVOBASE FAMILY product. We work with our customers to find solutions to achieve the desired results, such as quality of life and comfort. Each of us can be healthy and get healthy.
Electromagnetic pollution is a concept that almost everyone hears. But what exactly is it and why is this problem becoming more and more important for each of us every day? Pollution (smog) is an invented word. It is composed of the words smoke and fog and represents the air pollution caused by exhaust fumes in the city.
The term electromagnetic pollution (smog) is used to describe all artificially produced electromagnetic fields in the environment, people and the exposure of the environment to them. Electromagnetic pollution is classified as non-ionizing radiation. This means that, unlike ionizing radiation, electromagnetic waves, such as radioactivity, energy generation is not required to remove electrons from atoms or molecules. Below are its subdivisions:
Low frequency electric and magnetic fields
High frequency electromagnetic fields
Electric and magnetic fields in the low frequency range occur, for example, in alternating current circuits and electrical devices when electrical energy is generated, transported or applied. High frequency electromagnetic fields are produced during wireless transmission via WiFi or baby monitoring devices. Microwaves in kitchens also use a high frequency electromagnetic field to heat food.
Electromagnetic fields can be produced artificially, but can also occur naturally in the environment. For static and low frequency fields, electrical and magnetic components are considered separately. The two components are closely linked in high-frequency fields, in such cases we are talking about electromagnetic fields. A good assessment of current science on electromagnetic fields, their effects on humans and what protective measures should be taken is available on the website of the German Federal Radiation Protection Agency.
Due to the rapidly developing digitalization and expansion in electrical networks, the rate of exposure to electromagnetic pollution is constantly increasing in households, schools, work or on the road. In particular, artificially produced low frequency and high frequency fields increase with the development and spread of new technologies. Wireless landline phones and mobile phones have long been a part of everyday life. Many kids and teens use mobile phones, tablets and laptops all day long, and the latest devices are at the top of their wish list. More base stations are being built to ensure seamless accessibility. According to, more than 7.3 billion mobile phones and smartphones are used worldwide. And these numbers are increasing every day.
There is also WiFi, Bluetooth and ultrawideband (UWB). These are applications with high frequency electromagnetic radiation, and various (mobile) devices for telecommunication and data processing can be connected wirelessly with the help of them.
SMART home solutions for family members and businesses also contribute to increased electromagnetic pollution. Networked and remotely controllable devices and installations are designed to provide greater security and efficient energy use, and ultimately to improve homes and quality of life. However, this convenience leads to greater exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The trend in exposure to electromagnetic pollution is also growing in cars. In addition to the radiation from Bluetooth, GPS, seat heating and mobile data of mobile phones, the future use of electric cars will further increase passenger exposure due to the electric motor and battery.