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How Is Hemorrhoids Treated Without Surgery? Su-Jok and Leech in Hemorrhoid Treatment

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How Is Hemorrhoids Treated Without Surgery? Su-Jok and Leech in Hemorrhoid Treatment

Author: Glutensiz Dünya

Instagram: @glutensizdunyacom

After sharing a few homemade and very simple recipes (garlic oil, sujok, etc.) on different topics and after thousands of people have tried and approved (see IG comments), interestingly, the question of hemorrhoids has come and gone.

While we were heroes in some articles, did we get the "ignorant" stamp in the same articles? We ate. Especially leech / cupping / homeopathy. I had bowed to the pressure of the neighborhood while defending what I believed; I used to wipe the garlic oil in the first week of writing. At first it started with "ignorance". Thanks (!) S; But now the recipe has entered the doctor's prescriptions, how happy.

In short - accept // don't - leech therapy (comments under leech article) works miraculously in hemorrhoids. One example came from above, the others under the text from completely different people. My IG companion, who wrote the above comment, especially reminded the dentist that there is a lot of standing time: “The anal area is not necessary; Maybe someone who thinks about it and abstains, it is enough to do it in the groin area, it was applied to me like that ”he said. Where to apply? Investigate the physicians who apply it in the clinical environment.

The other way is Su-Jok! You will see it clearly in the photos. On the hand, between the middle and ring fingers; On the feet, it again represents the hemorrhoid area, between the fingers 3 and 4. With a tool that we call a crochet, with a round tip of 2-3 mm, we find the most aching point at this point between the fingers and we zigzag and stimulate it for 2-3 minutes until it turns red. I made it for my wife's tooth with an ear stick, there was a cure in the absence of a solution, I did not have a probe, I add the photo below.

When we find the most painful point and massage it, then we attach pomegranate seeds to the painful points. It will stand for at least 5 hours, the beans will be replaced daily. The goal is not to widen the veins here, but to contract. You don't have pomegranate seeds? Barley grains can be glued. There's no room. It becomes apple seeds. However, you should pay attention to the direction of the seed in the apple. The spikes will look outward as in the photo, the chubby parts will look in the middle. An effective relief method as you will see in the comment.

Magnet and directions are also used effectively, but we talked to İlknur in the article, which is impossible to describe. He talks about Su-Jok and magnets in his workshops.

Of course besides Su-Jok; Looking at the case, they also use homeopathy and / or schussler salt (based on facial analysis) and / or aromatherapeutic oil blend. Homeopathy, which I love very much, I admire as I read, hear and watch; For those who will meet for the first time, it is a long road, floral but detailed. It is a "holistic" road in itself.

Now let me talk about the Su-Jok and the seed method to touch on what can be done in the short term. Otherwise, of course, details and a holistic view are required in chronic cases. Let me throw the stone into the well.


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