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Can our thoughts heal us?

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Can our thoughts heal us?

Author: @kurumsalevhanimi

As if his six vertebrae were not fractured as a result of his accident in 1986 and he was not hospitalized with a very serious spine injury, and he was not offered different surgery suggestions for the placement of metal plates, Joe Dispenza 💕 He finally rejected all of them and decided to use the power of his brain. Those who watch the Heal documentary know him, I have been following it for a long time.

⚠️ If our thoughts can make us sick, can't they heal? she asks.

🍀 He spent exactly seven weeks trying to imagine how his body was repairing his spine but he was unable to focus. They said you can no longer walk. Finally, he promised and succeeded that if I succeed in this job, I will study the brain-mind connection throughout my life. Without surgery, he repaired his spine with visualization and thought.

🍀 Why are we in this world? What is the concept of success? What is our aim? he began to think.

He traveled to 17 countries and made interviews with people who had similar accidents.

He says no organism can survive in continuous emergency mode. If we constantly think about the worst scenario for our lives, the stress hormone increases, melatonin decreases and sleepless days begin. Our nervous system has adapted to the dangers that await us outside the cave years ago, but now the person we see as a danger is the person next to us in the office. As we begin to code our subconscious in this way, we begin to show symptoms of depression and anxiety.

In addition, every time we think of our trauma, our body gives the same chemical reactions and prepares itself as if the same situation will happen. As a result, not only our hormones but even our genes are changing.

🍀 If our thoughts can make us sick like this, can't they heal? Chronic diseases require a lifestyle and mentality change.

🍀People always expect illness, death, accident, trauma for change. Why? He says we try to change now.

Also, "Are placebo drugs really needed?" she asks. Because you already believe in him, you are healing with your own thoughts and beliefs, then what if you strive to regulate these feelings during the day?

A study was conducted with a group of people with Parkinson's disease. He said that the main cause of Parkinson's is dopamine deficiency. Anyway, a placebo drug has been given. And in the tests conducted after a short while, a significant amount of dopamine was detected in the brain. In other words, people can actually produce dopamine themselves with the power of thought, as a result, all the tremors have passed.

However, when people returned to their homes, saw their beds, entered the environment that reminded them of their illness, the symptoms returned. In short, continuity is also important in belief, visualization is important, and it is important to convince the brain by believing as if it really is the past. A lot of examples have been shared about this. Really amazing. I'll find some "visualization" techniques that you can fool the brain and share with you.

There are 3 kinds of stress. Physical, chemical and emotional
Physical: Trauma, injuries, accidents
Chemical: Changes in blood sugar levels, bacterial ailments
Emotional: Family tragedies, being a single parent

It means that there are 3 types of stress, which means that we disturb the balance in our brain in 3 different ways. He says we need to focus on these and achieve balance.

🍀I learned very good lessons for myself at the end of this one hour conversation. I even made a small application. To give you an idea, I wanted to share some titles from this talk. I hope it helped.


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